Automatic vs. Manual Ignition Pellet Smoker, Which One is Right for Your Home?

Are you confused between a manual ignition pellet smoker and an automatic pellet smoker? Having trouble in deciding which one is the better one for you? The ignition is responsible for starting the fire on your stove and choosing between the automatic and the manual ignition settings completely depends on your needs and your requirements. Let’s start with the basics first.

A manual ignition will require the user to first apply an approved gel or some solid starter material for the fire to the pellets and then light up the pellets. Then, the user would need to keep a constant check on the fire and make sure that it catches properly and the flames blaze. On the other hand, in an automatic ignition pellet smoker, the user will just need to push a button which will take care of feeding the pellets to the burn pot and will heat the self-ignited equipment. So, you require the least amount of effort in the case of an automatic ignition pellet smoker.

Amount of manual effort required

One thing that you need to decide on is the amount of effort that you willing to put forth in your pellet smoker. If you want to apply the least amount of effort, then you should go for an automatic ignition pellet smoker as it runs on electricity and either requires no assistance from your or just requires you to push one button to get it all started. If you are interested in working on your pellet stove, then you can go for the manual ignition pellet smoker which will require you to start the fire yourself and then maintain it too.


Another thing that you need to ask yourself is that how much you are willing to pay for your pellet smoker. If you don’t mind shelling a few extra bucks, then you could consider the automatic ignition pellet smoker which will be convenient and easy to use but a little on the expensive side. On the other hand, if you are searching for a budget pellet smoker, then you would need to stick with the manual ignition pellet smoker as it costs less and doesn’t require expensive repairs. Here is the list of affordable pellet smokers and grills available in market. If your automatic ignition pellet smoker were to break down anytime, then its repair would cost you a lot of money too.

Regular checks

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that in a manual ignition pellet smoker, you would need to maintain the temperature and keep a regular check on it to ensure the fire is properly flaming. If you ignore this, then your fire might die down and your food will remain uncooked. If you don’t want to go through so much hassle, then you can simply buy an automatic ignition pellet smoker for yourself which will do all the work and will maintain the right temperature for your food item too. An automatic pellet smoker eliminates the need for a constant check and handles all the tasks itself without needing any interference from you.

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