You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” Psalm 32:7

Thank you for visiting our blog. We are always trying to improve it, so bear with us as we sort through the kinks!

I’m Lauren, and the incredibly wonderful man I’m always commenting and cracking jokes about is my husband Pat. We met in 2007 and became husband and wife in October of 2009. We had one heck of a wedding…

We moved to a town on the shoreline of CT in 2009 into a two bedroom, one and a half bath condo 5 minutes from the beach. While we don’t plan on staying here for more than a few years, we are enjoying calling it our home and fixin’ it up to our liking (all while thinking of resale).

We have two roommates, a crazy cat named Binx and a 100lb rottweiler (who thinks she’s a lap dog) named Mia. When we are not working on our house, our days and nights are mostly spent chasing after these two. “Knock it off!” and “BINX!” and “MIA!” can be heard daily coming from inside our home, and it’s a miracle our neighbors don’t hate us. Our cat is known for jumping at the window, scaring all the neighborhood pets that walk by our door, and our dog is known for her whining and love for EVERYONE. They drive us crazy, but we love them!

We made this blog originally to keep our distant family in contact with what we’ve been up since we’ve been married, but lately we’ve been posting about transforming our condo into a home! So check back often, because we are always changing something around here! :)